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YEAR 2008

  Reference no. Headnote
1. GB/P/1/08 (E)

This is a case in year 2007 concerning the financial abuse of a mentally incapacitated elderly woman, by her disharmonious family members.

2. GB/P/2/08 (E)

Attempted financial abuse on vulnerable - Emergency Guardianship Order application - Ruling on validity of an instruction to a lawyer - main application

3. GB/P/3/08 (C)

Severe family conflict case - disputes over welfare and medical treatment - how to choose a suitable guardian (uploaded on 5/3/2008)

4. GB/P/4/08 (E)

Refusing residential care and medications – need for guardianship – different views between two public officers – human rights – Article 5(1) Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance considered – best interests of subject (uploaded on 11/3/2008)

5. GB/P/5/08 (E)

Family conflict – inadequate caring skill and knowledge – the negative influence of a religious sect to wife – the negative influence of 3rd daughter – the inadequate ability for financial management – wife opposed to application, legally represented (uploaded on 7/4/08)

6. GB/P/6/08 (E) (22/2/2008)

Discharge case – conflict between family members and hospital – family could not afford private old age home fee – cash value of subject’s insurance polices might affect the application for CSSA – daughter paid the insurance premiums all along – subvented placement would need years to wait for – Part II Order needed to deal with the insurance polices (uploaded on 29/4/08)

7. GB/P/7/08 (E)

Frequent falls at home – inadequate care by step-son at home – son rejected to arrange old age home placement – not choosing son as guardian – reasons on suitability (uploaded on 29/4/08)

8. GB/P/8/08 (E)(16/5/2008)

Mild grade mental retardation and autism – aggressive behaviour towards family - causing physical injuries – demanded back to home – mother, being over-protective towards the subject, had difficulty in exercising proper supervision and was herself beaten up by subject – refused to take medication regularly – application for rehabilitative and training needs (uploaded on 29/7/2008)

9. GB/P/9/08 (E)(21/5/2008)

Demented old lady – repeated admissions to hospital – daughter refused to discuss care plan – daughter requested to discharge subject back to home – daughter not providing proper care – daughter not following medical advices –neglect and abandonment case (uploaded on 21/8/2008)

10. GB/P/10/08 (E)   (2/6/2008)

Objecting to medical assessments on mental capacity – how s.59S is applied – whether a foreign resident is a suitable guardian – conflict of interests – self-proposed guardian legally represented (uploaded on 21/8/2008)


  1. (E) Reasons for Order in English
  2. (C) Reasons for Order in Traditional Chinese