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YEAR 2013

  Reference no. Headnote
1. GB/P/1/13 (E) (20/4/2012)

Widow - aged 84 – lived in aged home – 4 children - elder daughter was main carer – not satisfied with care quality of home - lodged lots of complains – social worker of aged home suspected physical abuse of subject by elder daughter – reported to police – elder daughter did not visit subject since then – social worker applied guardianship – other children help to settle the situation - not agree the need of guardianship order – social enquiry report maker not recommended for order – Board dismissed the application (uploaded on 13 June 2013)


GB/P/2/13 (E) (23/4/2012)

Discharge problem case – sibling had quarrels on future accommodation of subject – younger brother applied – younger sister was main carer – case conference held – the Board granted the Order and appointed Director of Social Welfare as legal guardian (uploaded on 13 June 2013)
3. GB/P/3/13 (E) (18/6/2012) Subject suffered from Parkinson’s disease with dementia – a male close friend – lived together for 40 years or more – conflict with subject’s siblings over care planning and accommodation – siblings suspected the friend provided inappropriate caring towards subject – the friend insisted he could continue to provide care to subject even he suffered from cancer – Order granted and appointed DSW as guardian (uploaded on 13 June 2013)
4. GB/P/4/13 (E) (5/12/2012) A very serious abuse case included willful neglect, physical, financial and sexual abuse – subject, 70 years old, widow – suffering from 3 recurrent strokes – a male claimed to be the “son” – add his name to subject’s bank accounts – withdrawals from bank account at will - collected and spent the monthly rentals of subject – used newspaper to cover subject who was found naked or half naked – poor hygiene at abode – had sex with subject - Order granted – recommended public guardian file report to police (uploaded on 13 June 2013)
5. GB/P/5/13 (C) (1/2/2013)  Subject used to live in old age home – hospitalized due to a fall – family (i.e. Party Added) insisted the subject should stay at hospital - refused to let the subject go back to original old age home – Party Added filed lots of documents – her requests were out of the Board’s jurisdiction – before the hearing, the subject discharged to original old age home – family and subject did not have any objection – subject adjusted well – report maker did not recommend to grant Guardianship Order – application dismissed (uploaded on 13 June 2013)


  1. (E) Reasons for Order in English
  2. (C) Reasons for Order in Traditional Chinese