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YEAR 2014

  Reference no. Headnote
1. GB/P/1/14 (C) (5/10/2012) Subject with schizophrenia over 10 years - with other physical illnesses e.g. diabetic mellitus – not received proper care at home by husband – received treatment in hospital – husband refused to arrange subject admit to residential care service – insisted subject discharge home under his care – this was a discharge problem case – Guardianship order granted (uploaded on 30 June 2014)

GB/P/2/14 (E) (26/6/2013)

Medical social worker filed an application in May 2012 - subject suffers from schizophrenia - required to receive surgery for bilateral inguinal hernia - treating doctor refused to use Part IVC, Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136) - The Board was reluctantly granted the Order in July 2012 – the Board reviewed the case in June 2013 – noted that the operation done in September 2012 – subject recovered well – backed to an old age home – the Board did not renew the Order (uploaded on /2014) (uploaded on 30 June 2014)
3. GB/P/3/14 (E) (11/12/2013) Subject is 87 years old – suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – widow – only nephew visited her – cash on hand in trusted to nephew when admitted to old age home – nephew refused to deposit back to subject – after hearing, nephew returned the sum – order granted by the Board (uploaded on 30 June 2014)
4. GB/P/4/14 (C) (23/12/2013) 65-year-old man – alcoholic dementia – 3rd wife from China – wanted discharge subject from old age home to apply for public housing unit – younger sister filed guardianship application - order granted – after 10 months, wife applied for review – proposed herself to be guardian – still wanted to apply public housing unit with subject – the Board renewed the order and continued to appoint younger sister as guardian for 3 years (uploaded on 30 June 2014)
5. GB/P/5/14 (C) (29/11/2013) Discharge problem case – 62-year-old woman with stroke – admitted to hospital for surgery in 2006 – family argued that hospital delayed the surgery for subject – refused to discharge the subject since then – husband showed uncooperative and hostile acts and attitude toward medical and ward staff – treating doctor filed an application – hearing held at hospital – order granted (uploaded on 30 June 2014)
6. GB/P/6/14 (E) (11/9/2013) Family conflict - aged 91 - an indigenous villager - widow – cared by the son at home since 1997 – granddaughter not satisfied the care of the uncle (i.e. son of subject) – she employed full-time health care worker and nurse to take care subject – son rejected the nurse and health care workers arrangement after few months – granddaughter filed emergency and normal guardianship applications (uploaded on 29 December 2014)
7. GB/P/7/14 (E) (7/11/2014)  Elderly women with dementia – elder son filed application – mobilize the savings – in fact, different views between family – at annual review, guardian had disputes with younger brother (i.e. subject’s younger son) on accommodation – changed guardian and appointed Director of Social Welfare as public guardian – directed to use Best Interests Balance Sheet to arrive a decision(uploaded on 29 December 2014)
8. GB/P/8/14 (E) (10/10/2014)  Financial power of a legal guardian examined – not applicable to decisions terminating insurance policies(uploaded on 29 December 2014)
9. GB/P/9/14 (E) (26/6/2013)  Guardian’s power and Forensic Examination considered – public officer’s non-compliance of Procedure Guidelines for Handling Adult Sexual Violence Cases – Part IVC considered(uploaded on 29 December 2014)



  1. (E) Reasons for Order in English
  2. (C) Reasons for Order in Traditional Chinese