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YEAR 2015

  Reference no. Headnote
1. GB/P/1/15 (C) (12/2/2015) Subject aged 86 with dementia – used to live with son and on CSSA – physical abuses by son several times – social worker of elderly community centre filed Emergency Guardianship Order (EGO) and normal guardianship applications – EGO granted for 3 months and appointed Director of Social Welfare to be guardian - the Board further heard the normal guardianship application (uploaded on 21/9/2015)

GB/P/2/15 (E) (27/5/2015)

Physical abuse and/or neglected by main carer – neighbour suspected elder abuse occurred – called police – subject was sent to hospital – medical social worker filed normal and emergency guardianship application – hearing venue immediately changed – the Board appointed the Director of Social Welfare as legal guardian – in order to protect the subject’s personal safety and best interests (uploaded on 21/9/ 2015)
3. GB/P/3/15 (C) (12/5/2015) Discharge case – coma - stayed at hospital for over 3 years – relatives visit everyday – refused infirmary placement – medical social worker and wife filed 2 applications separately – finally the Board appointed the Director of Social Welfare as legal guardian (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
4. GB/P/4/15 (C) (6/5/2015) Discharge problem case – fit for discharge since March 2014 – wife refused to discuss discharge plan of subject with hospital - dispute on discharge arrangement between subject and wife – wife even hit the subject – subject willing to live at old age home – medical social worker filed an application to the Board (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
5. GB/P/5/15 (E) (28/8/2014) Conflict case – husband vs younger brother – both likes to be appointed as legal guardian - serious mistrusts – strong accusations over money matter – challenges credibility and genuineness – most prudent choice of the Board (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
6. GB/P/6/15 (C) (27/4/2014) Doctor filed application – dispute between hospital and family on discharge arrangement – before hearing, subject discharged home - due to sore problem, subject admitted to hospital again – doctor complained the family not cooperative – the Board did not agree – dismissed the application (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
7. GB/P/7/15 (C) (7/7/2014) Conflict between adoptive daughter and step son – the allegations of adoptive daughter included neglect, physical and financial abuses, etc - no evidence on those allegations – the Board dismissed the application (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
8. GB/P/8/15 (E) (15/4/2014) Acute family conflict case – 4 children against Party Added – disagreements over subject’s accommodation and daily care – swift changing overs of place of accommodation during short span of time – Party Added alleged financial abuse and use of unauthorized drug on subject – complaints to various government departments – the Board finally decided to appoint Director of Social Welfare as guardian (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
9. GB/P/9/15 (E) (2/4/2014) Family conflict case – dissensions over the long-term care of subject – applicant insisted the subject to reside at care and attention home – other children of subject opposed to it – the Board decided to receive the subject into guardianship – no dispute between parties and family members on granting the order (uploaded on 21/9/2015)
10. GB/P/10/15 (E) (25/2/2014) Financial abuse case – chronic mental illness patient – signed dubious contract at law firm - transferred money to old age home operator – the operator said the subject would become a director of old age home – no need to pay home fees any more – the operator denied – the Board also not fully satisfied the elder brother (party added) as capable and able to act as the guardian (uploaded on 21/9/2015)



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  2. (C) Reasons for Order in Traditional Chinese