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YEAR 2017

  Reference no. Headnote
1. GB/P/1/17 (E) (12/8/2016) Apparent simple case – nephew to be the applicant – wish to mobile the savings of subject for maintenance - after social enquiry – more suspected financial abuse case emerged (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)

GB/P/2/17 (C) (24/6/2015)

Abandonment and physical abuse – medical social worker filed application – abuser was subject’s son – son left subject alone outside the clinic after follow-up medical appointment – refuse to pick up subject to home – subject admitted to hospital – son refused to discharge subject to old age home – disagreed the discharge plan of medical team (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
3. GB/P/3/17 (E) (15/12/2016) Serious financial abuse case by private nurse – huge estates of elder sister and husband disappeared – nephew and nieces against private nurse – counsel of private nurse attended hearing (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
4. GB/P/4/17 (C) (9/1/2017) A man with 43 years old – suffering from CVA – stayed in public hospital for 2.5 years – fit for discharge since 14 months ago – 2 priority infirmary placement offers given – family refused with unreasonable grounds – family also refused to attend case conference to discuss discharge plan of subject with medical team – public guardian appointed (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
5. GB/P/5/17 (E) (16/1/2017) Woman with schizophrenia – 51 years old – used to live in a hostel – only relative (elder sister) against hostel on access arrangements – since 2010, after overnight home leaves, subject found to be poor in hygiene, mental conditions and behavior - since April 2016, overnight access not allowed – elder sister disagreed – hostel’s social worker filed an guardianship
6. GB/P/6/17 (E) (16/5/2017) Family conflict case between nephew and niece – 84-year-old woman suffering from CVA – niece is her main carer – live in an old age home – Committee Order was granted by High Court – nephew disagreed the accommodation and caring plans – two applications for guardianship by niece and nephew – Counsel instructed by Solicitors for nephew (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
7. GB/P/7/17 (E) (21/7/2017) Financial abuse case – Emergency Guardianship Order granted for 3 months to Director of Social Welfare – at normal guardianship hearing – social enquiry report surprisingly concluded against the existence of financial abuse – the Board disagreed – directions to register the case to Central Information System on Elder Abuse Cases – continue to appoint the Director of Social Welfare as legal guardian for a year (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
8. GB/P/8/17 (E) (17/7/2017) Subject suffered from brain injury – under guardianship 11 years ago – compensation held at District Court – the Board set aside the wife’s appointment of legal guardian before - family members not given up their hope to be the legal guardian over past 10 years – Director of Social Welfare surprisingly recommended cessation of Guardianship Order - the Board dismissed the present application of another daughter to be the new guardian – Guardianship Order continued (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
9. GB/P/9/17 (E) (18/10/2017) Problematic monitoring on guardian’s performance by case social worker – subject 81 years old suffered from CVA – son as the guardian since granted – since April 2016, son kept withdrawing sizeable money from guardian account and kept such cash on hand – case social worker unable to notice the problem - the bank statements before this review hearing was held, the guardian finally deposited back all the money to guardian account – the guardian staged a scene at the hearing – grossly misbehaved – the Board gave final warning to the guardian – Order continued (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)
10. GB/P/10/17 (E) (22/8/2017) Subject at 69 years old with vascular dementia – financial abuse by younger brother – at first hearing in 2013 recommended for a Committee order by the Board – Committee order granted to Official Solicitor - half of the proceeds of subject’s two flats finally returned to subject – the Board discharged the Guardianship Order (Uploaded on 29/12/2017)



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