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YEAR 2019

  Reference No./
Date of Decisions
Case Summary
1. GB/P/1/19 (E) (30/1/2019) Subject was a woman aged 92 with mixed-type dementia. There was family conflict among Subject's children who divided into two groups and held different views over her daily care and welfare plan. The application made by her daughter was opposed by another group of children. Order was granted and the applicant reluctantly accepted Director of Social Welfare as guardian.

GB/P/2/19 (E) (10/5/2019)

Subject was a woman aged 68 with schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. Subject's old age home fees were in serious arrears. Social worker applied for guardianship. Subject's younger foster brother sought to be appointed and was legally represented. Suspicious transactions by him were found. He also kept Subject's welfare money without settling the old age home fees. He further requested to reimburse his own legal costs. Order was granted with Director of Social Welfare appointed as guardian. The Board recommended the guardian to seek Committee Order and to prepare a statutory will for Subject.
3. GB/P/3/19 (C) (31/7/2019) Subject was a man aged 61 with schizophrenia. He was a long stay patient at a mental hospital and ready for discharge. There were long standing disputes between Subject's siblings including on his future accommodation after hospital discharge. Order was granted with Director of Social Welfare appointed as guardian.
4. GB/P/4/19 (E) (29/3/2019) Subject was a woman aged 94 with vascular dementia. Application was made by social worker. A person claiming to be Subject's relative suddenly appeared and requested to be her guardian. The Board assessed the person's suitability and found that the person resided overseas and simply could not discharge a guardian's functions. There was also suspected financial abuse by the relative. Order was granted with Director of Social Welfare appointed as guardian.
5. GB/P/5/19  (C) (28/6/2019) Subject was a man aged 67 with mixed-type dementia. Subject lived alone at home with suspected neglect by wife. Wife declined offers of subvented placement, preventing Subject's discharge from hospital and disagreeing with medical team on Subject's welfare plan. Order was granted with Director of Social Welfare appointed as guardian.
6. GB/P/6/19 (E) (6/11/2019) Subject was a woman aged 77 with vascular dementia. Originally, this was a very serious abuse case, which included wilful neglect and abuse by her "son" resulting in guardianship granted to the Director of Social Welfare 7 years ago. Since moving of Subject to an old age home, the previous abuser did not appear. Committee Order was granted to Official Solicitor. The Board noted that the guardian had not enhanced the Subject's quality of life despite the Subject's wealth and the Committee Order enabling use of her money. The Board gave recommendation to engage a personal health assistant for Subject. Renewal of guardianship was nevertheless considered not necessary.



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  2. (C) Reasons for Order in Traditional Chinese