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The Guardianship Board is a legal quasi-judicial tribunal of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Its central statutory role is to conduct hearings in order to make guardianship orders for people aged 18 years and over with decision-making incapacities. It may make a range of ancillary orders as well.



Monthly Financial Limit
According to the Quarterly Report on General Household Survey by the Census and Statistics Department for 3rd Quarter, July to September 2022, the median monthly employment earning is HK$18,800.
(29 November 2022)
Medical Guidelines
The Board has issued the new Medical Guidelines, which will replace Leaflet 12 (English version) and Leaflet 13.  Leaflet 12 (Chinese version) will remain in use until further notice.  The new document is listed under Publications in this website.
(1 August 2022)
Financial Reporting Guidelines
Leaflet 15 (2022 version) of the Board has been renamed as the Financial Reporting Guidelines.  There is no substantive change.  The new document is listed under Publications in this website.
(1 August 2022)
7th Report
The 7th Report of the Guardianship Board has been issued. You are welcome to review the reports available under the Publications section. To support environmental protection, no hard copies will be printed for distribution. Readers can download the reports in Chinese and English from the website if required.
(15 July 2022)

New Leaflet 15 “The Guardian’s Financial Management Power” (Version 2022) and new Monthly Statement forms

In order to assist a guardian to keep income and expenditure accounts, the Board has now standardized its forms for “Monthly Statements” and “Final Statement (Cumulative)”. The new forms are in Excel format and in Chinese and English respectively. Guidance notes are also included with the forms and in the updated Leaflet 15 entitled “The Guardian’s Financial Management Power”. To download the new forms and the new Leaflet 15, please go to “Publications”.

For guardians, please contact your case social worker for the transitional arrangements.

(31 December 2021)


The vision of the Guardianship Board is to promote the welfare, interests and protection of mentally incapacitated adults through guardianship.

To manifest its vision, the Guardianship Board commits to the following mission:

  1. To support, protect and advocate the best interests of mentally incapacitated adults by empowering guardians to:
    • facilitate the management of their finances;
    • ensure that their needs for services and medical treatment are met;
    • protect them against abuse, exploitation and neglect; 
    • enhance their quality of care. 
  2. To facilitate the resolution of disputes with relatives and service providers, concerning the best interests of mentally incapacitated adults.
  3. At the initiative of policy bureau, to give legal advice on guardianship legislation review.

The Guardianship Board commits to the following values:

  1. Protection
  2. Compassion
  3. Fairness
  4. Independence
  5. Respect
  6. Accessibility

Performance Pledge
Please click here to visit our Performance Pledge.